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by azurespiritwolf

:bulletred:PLEASE COPY PASTE THIS IN A NOTE AND FILL IT IN. PLEASE USE THE SUBJECT “COMMISSION”: Because Azu is an idiot and this is probably the easiest way for the pup to understand.
E-mail and Paypal Account: [I will need your E-mail address so I can send you the original work.]
Medium: [Traditional / Digital]
Type: Blue Bullets [Bust / Full-body / Chibi / Digital Painting / Character Sheet]
Choice: Does not Apply to Pen & Ink, Digital Painting and Character Sheet. [Lineart / Flats / Shaded (Soft/Cell)]
Background: Does not Apply to Digital Painting and Character Sheet. [Yes / No]
Set: [Set of 3 Characters. Set of 2 Ch

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REBLOG and win a free set! The most true-to-life watercolor brushes ever created for Photoshop, available right here, Friends: Kyle’s Real Watercolors for Photoshop. KYLEBRUSH.COM

40 brushes with realistic watercolor effects - no added textures, overlays or filters are required. Simply choose a brush and start painting.

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Amazing brushes by Kyle. Been using them for my work for a while now they are amazing!

Want to try these brushes!

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